When you think of the word ‘horticulture’, what comes to mind?

It is not surprising that you would think of words such as ‘shrubs, ‘rake’ or ‘vegetable gardens’. Terms such as ‘sustainability’, ‘liveability’ and ‘a hopeful future’ probably come to mind less quickly, understandably so. The horticultural sector rarely gets the attention it deserves. A pity, because horticulture is amazing! Above all it is essential to our common future.

In a world where nature often has to make way for concrete, glass and steel, horticulture is the key to a liveable world. In our view, those working in horticulture, from the gardener to the asparagus grower, to the technician in the greenhouse, are superheroes. During Floriade Expo 2022 we are giving these heroes the stage they deserve.

Once every ten years, all the horticultural greats gather during this International Horticultural Exhibition. Experts from all over the world come together at Floriade to present green solutions that make our cities more enjoyable, beautiful and sustainable. Within the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’, more than 400 national and international participants showcase their latest green innovations, solutions and applications. From state-of-the-art solar roof tiles to amazing vertical façade gardens and from the best ways to grow tomatoes to the latest pruning techniques. You can see, taste and experience it all at Floriade.

Beside all the inspiring gadgets and innovations, you can also simply enjoy all the natural splendour on the site. You can take a stroll through the many flowering gardens, the inspiring arboretum and feast on exciting dishes or immerse yourself in the varied art and culture programme. There is something for everyone. Children can go on an expedition, parents can taste a wide variety of food and entrepreneurs can exchange their biodegradable business cards and lay the foundation for fruitful collaborations.