Olive oil tasting: enjoy a real Italian experience!

Come to one of our olive oil tasting workshops on 27 september at 14:00h or 7 October at 15:00h.

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils in the world. It is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet. Italy is de second largest producer and makes some of the best olive oils in the world. It is a significant part of the Italian culture.

But what exactly is olive oil, how is it made, what should you look for when buying a bottle and what makes Italian olive oil so unique? Those and many more questions will be answered during this workshop on Italian olive oils, presented by Gregor Christiaans.

During one of our workshops  you will taste 5 Italian olive oils which we will analyze according to the official EU standards. After this workshop you will be able to spot a good olive oil from a bad one and what to check on before buying. You will never buy the wrong olive oil again!

How to participate: the workshop is open for the first 20 people who reserve a seat. You can book your place by mail at floriade2022italy@ice.it at least the day before the workshop or at the Italian Pavilion on the same day, if seats are still available. Attendance is free of charge.