Arbutus unedo L.1753, commonly known as Strawberry Tree, is a small evergreen tree belonging to the Ericaceae family. It is a spontaneous plant typical of the Mediterranean maquis, widespread in Italy and extremely resistant to drought. It is often found associated with other Mediterranean shrubs and holm oaks.
Perhaps not many people know that this plant has always been considered one of the symbols of Italy, as it has a characteristic that makes it absolutely unique: more specifically, it hosts both flowers and fruits that create splendid hues which inevitably brings to mind the colours of the Italian flag.

In fact, it is possible to admire fragrant white flowers in clusters together with its bright green leaves from March to December and tasty bright red fruit that is very important for the diet of the avifauna and that, despite its sour taste, is used for the preparation of mustards, jams and spirits in many regions of Italy.